It is my pleasure to provide this update on The Eyak Foundation. The Foundation’s Trustees met by teleconference on April 29.

During that meeting, the Trustees:

• Received a Management report from Heidi Van Gilder;

• Reviewed the financials with Sue Jolin, including a discussion of COVID-19 related impacts;

• Discussed criteria for vocational scholarships;

• Discussed recognition of graduates and requested staff under take efforts to recognize graduates; and

• Discussed updates to the Foundation’s website.

The Foundation also celebrated a very generous cash donation from Trustee Martin D. Parsons. In light of COVID-19’s impacts on our fundraising efforts, 2020 will likely be a lean year, so Martin’s donation this year is greatly appreciated. As in prior years, Shareholders voting in this year’s Annual Meeting will have the option of donating their $25 proxy incentive payments to The Eyak Foundation. Last year, thirty-eight Shareholders donated those payments, in an amount totaling $950.

For more information on The Eyak Foundation, please visit our website: and/or contact Heidi Johnson at (907) 334-6971 ext. 1.